What we do


What we do


Professional project management

 As project manager, Shoreline can supervise the construction of custom-built yachts from the drawing board all the way through to launch. In addition, Shoreline can engage specialists to handle specific project tasks, such as setting up a budget, working out a construction plan or drawing up a construction contract.
Project management
The construction of a custom-built yacht takes at least 18 months. The preparatory phase typically lasts about three months and a further 15 months or more is needed for the actual construction.
We keep you advised on progress through regular progress reports. You, as client, can be as closely involved in the construction of your yacht as you wish and, if you have the time to spare, you can even become a member of the construction team. Indeed, we strongly recommend you do not let this opportunity pass. If you do not have sufficient time, however, you can be kept in close contact through the services of our project manager.
Project preparation
Project preparation typically involves us in the following tasks:
 - Generate construction plan
 - Request tenders from suppliers and subcontractors
 - Formulate purchase planning
 - Draw up contracts and order confirmations
 - Coordinate technical construction design with the architect
 - Formulate construction budget
 - Organise construction activities
 - Design technical systems
After this, the actual construction can begin.
Construction management
 During construction, we are typically responsible for all planning and coordination:
 - Carrying out technical construction supervision
 - Coordinating sub-contractors and suppliers
 - Monitoring and controlling the budget
 - Ensuring planning schedules are met or expedited
 - Arranging logistics and transport
 - Organising construction meetings
 - Supervising/controlling quality
The Netherlands has a well-established reputation in the field of yacht-building. A Dutch-built yacht means quality. When a sailing beauty arrives in the harbour, ”must be Dutch built” is an often-heard remark. Nevertheless, this quality should not be taken for granted. The Netherlands has a close-knit network of marine architects, shipyards and suppliers. Their craftsmanship is beyond dispute. However, the integration of the products of these disciplines into a whole is not easy. Compare it with a yacht full of top-notch yachtsmen: without an able skipper not a single leg would be won.
During the construction process, Shoreline operates in an independent capacity. This means that we can advise you on choosing a shipyard as well as on the sub-contractors or suppliers which you will be dealing with.
 We can keep a sharp eye on the price/quality ratio of all services provided, such as the requirement for an aluminium mast or a bilge system.
 If you put the construction of your yacht into the hands of a shipyard, we can act as building supervisor and see to it that your yacht is built according to the standards and agreements that the contract requires.
 If you wish to remain in control yourself, we can advise you on the choice of sub-contractors, technical systems and supplies which are needed to build your yacht. You can then rest assured that you are dealing with the best.
Project stage management
If you are engaged in building or re-building a yacht yourself, you can engage Shoreline for specific project stages. For example, we could just develop the system specifications, or supervise the purchase and installation of a new engine. You might engage Shoreline to handle only the preparatory phase, or request us to deal with the budget, construction plan or construction activities and let you carry on from there. Alternatively, you could invite us to give a general price indication for a programme of work and/or an estimate of suitable construction budgets for shipyards and contract negotiations with sub-contractors.
 In addition we can advise you on matters not directly affecting construction, such as:
 - ownership structures
 - Finance or lease funding
 - MCA/CE certification
 - Operational Yacht Management


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